Glock 17 Gen 4

As you can probably tell from the title of this site that I’m a big fan of the wheel gun. Not for any one particular reason, I just like them better than pistols.

So with that in mind I headed to my favorite local gun dealer and started comparison shopping. My hands are kind of on the small side so even though I wanted the Glock I wasn’t about to purchase one if it didn’t fit.

I started with the FNX 9 Series, moved on to a Ruger SR9 and then a Smith and Wesson M&P 9 and last but not least the Glock 17 Gen 4. Actually they all fit my hands well. Notice I said hands as I like to switch up which side I shoot with.

In the end my preference was still the Glock and here’s why. First is reliability, Glocks are known for going the distance. Even though some say the new Gen 4’s won’t stand up to the previous generations, for my particular shooting circumstances I have no doubt it will outlast me, a I’m sure that’s true of the other models as well. Second was the lack of any safety device other than on the trigger, you simply take it out of the holster and shoot it. To sum up, it fit well, is reliable and is lacking the safety devices I don’t care for.

Upon getting the Glock 17 home I field stripped it and gave it a good cleaning and just generally checked it out making sure everything went together the way it’s supposed to and did some dry firing to make sure everything worked the way it should.

The Gen 4 differs from earlier versions in the following ways. Most obvious is the rough textured frame surface that allows for a secure grip but isn’t harsh on the hand. Next is the replaceable back straps which didn’t serve any purpose for me as the stock configuration fit my hands perfectly. The magazine release catch is larger and is easily reversible, I like mine on the left side as you look from behind the Glock. I can us my left hand trigger finger to manipulate the release just as easy as I can using the thumb on the right side. And finally the recoil spring, it’s a dual spring that’s supposed to lengthen the spring life and reduce felt recoil. The 9mm isn’t really know to be harsh in the recoil department so I really don’t know if it’s doing it’s thing or not as I have nothing to compare it to.

The first hundred rounds through it was the American Eagle 124 grain ammo. The Glock handled them with ease with no hiccups. Recoil was very tolerable and the gun shot as good as I could shoot it. The next two hundred rounds were from a local ammo shop. I purchased some 115 grain rounds that were rated at 1250 feet per second. Again the Glock performed well with these as I expected it would. The recoil was a litte snappier compared to the 124 grain ammo but still very tolerable.

Oh and by the way I was quickly reminded one of the reasons I prefer revolvers over pistols, less chasing of fired brass. I quickly figured out that if I’m standing in grass while shooting a tarp is a much needed accessory.

All in all I’m happy with this purchase and look forward to many more rounds going down range. Will keep you posted as I get more trigger time in.

Remember to be smart and safe while handling any firearm.


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