Glock 17 Gen 4 Update

Here’s an update on the Glock 17. I’ve shot another couple of hundred rounds through the pistol and as far as function goes all seems well. No malfunctions although I have had one or two stove pipes.

One thing I’ve discovered why I might like shooting a revolver instead of a pistol is because of all the darn brass there is to pick up when you’re done. And that was done on a concrete pad, during the dry spell we had I wouldn’t even think about standing in the dried up brown colored grass. The brass seems to blend in very well with that.

I also had the pleasant experience of feeling the recoiling slide come in contact with my misplaced thumb. Why is there never a bandage around when you need one? Funny thing is I just realized there still isn’t any in my range box although I did throw some anti-bacterail wipes in there. Some guys never learn.

During this couple of hundred rounds I did try to do some accuracy testing. The target used was your standard size paper pie plate, I don’t know what the diameter of the pie plate is and really it doesn’t matter. What does matter is I was lucky to get three hits out of ten at twenty five yards. Not stellar by any standards.

So what could be the problem with accuracy? After browsing through a couple of firearm forums I found that the Glock 17 is capable of way better accuracy than that. The problem could be one of a couple of things. One it could be my inability to correctly shoot the pistol. I’ve kind of ruled that out because of the hundreds and hundreds of dry fires I’ve performed so I know I can hold the gun steady and not have the sight picture move when pulling the trigger. Also I was supporting the Glock 17 on a sand bag while testing for accuracy. Secondly it could be the ammo. The ammo used was purchased locally, it was put together with  once fired brass and 115 grain bullets. The velocity out of the non Glock test pistol was 1250 feet per second. Looking through a couple of re-loading manuals it seems that could be pushing it a little bit. I know enough from re-loading that going to the edge or beyond the suggested limits can create accuracy issues.

For the time being I’m blaming the ammo velocity. So what I’ve done is purchased some Winchester white box ammo. One box is the 115 grain and the other being the 147 grain. The 115’s have a velocity of 1190 fps and the 147’s have a velocity of 990 fps according to the Winchester web site data.

So I’ll try the accuracy testing again at 25 yards. Please don’t ask why 25 yards, it’s just what I picked to do. I’m curious to see if there will be any difference between the locally purchased ammo and the factory ammo.

I post the results here in a couple of days.

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