CZ 550 6.5×55

A few years back when I was just gettin into center fire rifle shooting I really wanted a 6.5×55.

Now you may ask why in the world would I pick that as my first rifle?

Two reasons really. First it’s not a main stream caliber, I kinda like the odd ball stuff. And secondly it was all about the ballistic coefficient of the .264 diameter bullet.

Not being into hunting I was more interested in a target style rifle. So the search began and very quickly came to an end. At the time and I believe to this day a factory heavy barrelled rifle in 6.5×55 is near impossible to find. And the few companies that had an offering didn’t export to the states. Of course I did have the option of a high end Blaser but that was way to above and beyond what I was willing to pay.

So what did I do? I settled and that never usually works out well and this instance was no different. I ended up with a Savage Model 12 in the 308 caliber. Now don’t get me wrong this was a fine rifle. Very accurate for my purposes which boils down to casual competition and plinking. But it wasn’t what I wanted and to be truthful the recoil was a bit harsh for me.

Back to the drawing board and back to a bit of settling again. I decided on the CZ Model 550 in 6.5×55. This was when CZ’s weren’t all that popular and none of the gun shops carried them. So I took a leap of faith and just ordered one. I say I settled once again because the 550 is a sporter type rifle with the thin barrel.

So the CZ arrived and I picked it up and took it home. Upon the initial inspection I could tell I didn’t make a mistake. The fit and finish and overall craftsmanship was well worth the $500 and some dollars I paid for it.

So I ran the cleaner through it and headed over to the loading station to make up some ammo.

I’m really not into high end parts, especially on something new that I’m not even sure how it’s gonna work. So I selected some Remington brass and some Hornady A-Max 120 grain bullets and went to work.

A few years and many rounds later I glad to say that I’m still very please with this fine firearm. With a inexpensive Bushnell 14 power scope it will still hold minute of angle at 200 yards. And to me that ain’t to bad.

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