CCI Rimfire Ammo

With all the rimfire shoots coming up I’ve found myself running short on ammo.

I know everyone has their favorite and my go to ammo is CCI Standard Velocity, for a few reasons. One is it’s usually always available, two it’s at a price point I don’t mind paying and last because it works well in any of my 22’s.

If you’re a CCI Standard Velocity fan you’ve probably noticed there are two choices in the way they’re packed. One is the old standard 100 count clear plastic cartridge holder that comes five to a box. The other choice is the 50 count thin cardboard box containing a clear plastic cartridge holder that keeps the ammo organized in the box. Those can be found packed ten per box.

You’ve probably also noticed there is a difference in part numbers also. The old clear plastic box has a number that ends in 0032 and the thin cardboard stuff has a part number ending in 0035.

There is noticeable price difference as well, the cardboard box being about $6 cheaper.

Being naturally curious of just about anything I decided to call CCI and find out what difference there is between the two part numbers other than the obvious.

Interestingly I found out from a very helpful customer representative the difference and a little of the history behind the CCI Standard Velocity ammo.

First and most important to me is that there is no difference between the two except the obvious packing and the price, the cardboard packing being the less expensive.

I also found out that the cardboard packed stuff was originally intended for overseas sales where recycling regulations are stricter.

Also of interest is the fact that about a year and a half ago Federal was making the Standard Velocity ammo for CCI. It was also packed in thin cardboard with the same 0035 part number. The difference was that inside the box the cartridge holder was made of white plastic and had legs on it. Kind of like how Wolf ammo is packed except Wolf uses a black holder And I was informed that it would be very unusual to find any of it on the shelves any more.

So what did I learn?

CCI customer service is very nice and informative

0032 and 0035 is the same Standard Velocity stuff

0035 was intended for overseas sales due to strict recycling regulations

Federal for a short period of time did make the Standard Velocity ammo for CCI

CCI Standard Velocity ammo is made in Lewiston Idaho

Keep em close to the bulls eye and thanks for reading.

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